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Firstly there are 2 pool classifications - Shared pools & Non-shared pools
Shared pools: If the residents of 2 or more dwellings (Eg: a block of units) on regulated land have or will have a right to use a regulated pool situated on the land, the pool is a shared-pool. (Eg: A pool in a block of units with a body corporate or a pool shared by the guests of a Short-term accommodation provider such as a Hotel or Resort).

Non-shared pools: If the residents of only 1 dwelling have constructed or own a regulated pool situated on regulated land of which no other lot owner has a legal right to use, the pool is a non-shared pool. (Eg: Home Pool).

What time frame is a Pool Safety Certificate valid for?

Shared Pools: 1 year

Non-shared Pools: 2 years

Periods Explained
Note: Pool Safety Certificates are valid for their periods of registration regardless of how many times the property is leased or sold.

Non-shared pools (Eg: Home pools) have 5 years to comply with new standards unless sold or leased prior.
For properties such as units or townhouses situated on regulated land where there are multiple lot owners sharing a common pool (excluding short-term accommodation), there is a 2 year phase-in period to obtain a pool safety certificate. It is the responsibility of the Body Corporate to ensure that the pool they manage is compliant with previous pool laws until the phase-in period ends.

For properties such as Hotels, Motels, Resorts, Backpackers, Hostels & Caravan Parks where a pool is shared by the short-term holiday makers or visitors there is only a 6 month phase-in period to comply and obtain a Pool Safety Certificate. We would advise that all short-term accommodation providers book a pool safety inspection with Be Safe Pool Fence Inspections ASAP. Not only will there be an extremely high demand for pool inspectors but there will also be a huge demand for fencing and building companies to make pools compliant.
Note: If a QBSA licensed builder or equivalent is not available to repair or build your fence within by May 2011 - you will NOT be able to obtain a safety certificate hence by law you will be unable to rent out a room to the public. No Pool Safety Certificate = NO INCOME - Don't risk your income - GET AN INSPECTION NOW.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If I do not sell or lease my property, how long do I have to obtain a Pool Safety Certificate?
5 years from the 1st December 2010

If I am buying a property that is settling after 1st December 2010 is the seller required to provide me with a Pool Safety Certificate?

No – The seller can fill in a Form 36 - Notice of no pool safety certificate and present this form to the buyers. The buyers accept the responsibility of obtaining a pool safety certificate within 90 days. If the seller/s do not ask the buyers to sign the Form 36, they must provide the buyer/s with a copy of the current Pool Safety Certificate.

What happens if I sign the Form 36 - Notice of no pool safety certificate?

How long does it take to get my Pool Safety Certificate after the inspection?
The Pool Inspector must send you the Pool Safety Certificate within 2 business days of the inspection if your pool was compliant.

What happens if my pool fence/barrier is found to be non-compliant?

The Pool Inspector must provide you with a written report outlining within 2 business days of the inspection outlining where your pool barrier is non-compliant and also recommend ways to fix the non-compliance issue/s in order to make it compliant. You will also be issued with a Form 26 - Pool safety nonconformity notice. You have 90 days to arrange the repairs (Be Safe Pool Fence Inspections can discuss the non-conformity issues with a repairer/fencing contractor only after receiving written permission from the pool owner). Within the 90 days you will be required to contact the original pool safety inspector and arrange a re-inspection.

Can I use a different pool inspector for the second inspection if my pool does not pass the first pool safety inspection?

No. You are legally obliged to use the same inspector from the original inspection. If you attempt to use a different pool inspector, the new inspector will know that you have already had your first inspection from another inspector when they check the pool register prior to the inspection.

Part of my pool fence is my boundary fence; if this part is non-compliant can I ask my neighbour to pay for half of the cost?

Not usually, as the pool is on your side, it's your responsibility to ensure your pool fence is compliant and pay for any repairs or upgrades required to meet compliance.

My tenants are due to sign a new lease in April 2011. Does this mean I can wait until around March or April until I arrange a pool inspection?

Yes. You may choose to have your pool inspected closer to the lease renewal date, however pool fence repairers are expected to be extremely busy and may not be able to make your pool fence compliant in time for your new lease renewal date. With this in mind we recommend arranging a pool safety inspection now or risk loosing income when you are unable to rent you property.

I have 2 or more properties with pool that require a pool safety inspection. Can I get a discount if I book both my pool inspections on the same day?

Yes. Be Safe Pool Fence Inspections offers $30 OFF your second pool inspection if booked by the same owner or representing agent on the same day, no more than 30km apart.

If my pool needs repairs - Can I do the repairs?

Yes. The legislation states that you as the owner can repair or adjust the barrier as long as the part repaired is no longer than 2.4m and includes no more than 2 posts. Please refer to the Building Amendment Regulation (No. 4) Page 13 Repairs and maintenance to regulated pools. This information can be found in the Building Amendment Regulation No.4

How do the New Pool Safety Laws affect you on the Gold Coast?

Under the new swimming pool safety laws:
pool safety certificates, issued by a licensed Gold Coast Pool Safety Inspector, are required when selling or leasing a property with a pool. Gold Coast Pool Safety Certificates are valid for one year for a shared pool and two years for a non-shared pool ie: the family pool. The pool safety standards apply to all pools associated with houses, units, hotels, motels, backpacker hostels, caravan parks, mobile van parks and other forms of short-term accommodation
both new and existing pools must be upgraded to comply with the new safety standards within 5 years unless sold or leased first.

All Gold Coast swimming pools need to be included on the state-based pool register by 4 May 2011. It is up to the pool owner to ensure they are on that register or face being fined. Safety barriers are mandatory for all portable pools and spas deeper than 300 millimetres.

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